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Chapter Summary #1

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A reading summary should restate the author’s main points in the order they’ve been presented. Summaries force you to focus on your reading because you need to identify and express in your own words the main point of the article. You cannot write an accurate summary unless you make careful choices about what is important or central in a text. You have to learn to filter out material that is not essential – that doesn’t contribute to the author’s central argument. A summary is not simply a compilation of random notes. Your task is to identify the author’s main points and key evidence. You may wish to quote from the document if you think the quote illustrates something significant or noteworthy about the article. When you quote from the text, put the page number in parentheses at the end of the quote, example (Author 2021; 12). The summary does not need an elaborate heading. The assignment must be typed in a WORD file. Please use 10-12 point fonts, double-spacing, and carefully proofread You are required to create your reading summary using your textbook and additional materials (if applicable/required) as your primary source(s). Additional source materials are always welcome and should be cited accordingly and are sometimes required for you to complete the assignment. Please read the assignment directions carefully. Your reading summary for the chapter should be A MINIMUM of 500 and a MAXIMUM of 800 words in length. Please keep in mind that your reading summaries must be substantive and meaningful. References are required in-text, as well as a reference section. ASA citation style is required for this course. Proper grammar and word usage are also required. I will take this opportunity to remind you that your chapter summaries are formal assignments and will, therefore, be graded as such. Ubfxse this video as well :