Counseling Scope Of Practice Paper

MH/502: Graduate Portfolio
Wk 1 – Counseling Scope of Practice Paper [due Mon]
Wk 1 – Counseling Scope of Practice Paper [due Mon]
Assignment Content

The beginning of your counseling program is the right time to think about the scope of practice available to you. A scope of practice defines the permissions and limitations granted to you within the law. Within the United States, a counselor’s scope of practice differs from state to state. This assignment will help you understand and articulate the permissible scope of practice for counselors in your state.

Before completing your assignment, review the University of Phoenix list of State Licensure Requirements.

Research the licensure requirements required to apply for a professional counseling license in your state, as listed on the state board’s licensure website.

Write a 260- to 350-word paper summarizing your findings.

Include the following in your paper:
What is the permissible scope of practice in your state?
Describe services, procedures, processes, etc. that counselors can legally perform in clinical practice.
What are the limitations to the scope of practice in your state?
Does your state’s scope of practice align with your counseling career goals? Why or why not?

Use the resources in the APA Resources learning activity to guide you as you wriefrte your paper.

Submit your assignment.