creating a pamphlet

As we have seen, there are varying perspectives of deafness and many options when it comes to communication and assistive devices. The majority of deaf children have hearing parents who have little to no experience and knowledge regarding these options. With newborn hearing screenings now standard in hospitals, many parents learn of their child’s deafness quite early, typically before they leave the hospital. Having information regarding all the various options available to assist parents in making an informed decision regarding their approach to their child’s deafness is critical.

For this assignment, you will be designing a single pamphlet that can be provided to parents of deaf children. The pamphlet should describe both communication options as well as assistive device options. The pamphlet should be:

The pamphlet should not simply be a list of different options or appear as though it was completed by a group of individuals. The end result should be a single pamphlet that has a common theme and design that ties all the information together. Attention should be paid to consistently of the information provided in the pamphlet. The same information should be provided in the same amount of detail for each option described in the pamphlet.
The pamphlet should not appear to support one option over another. Pros and cons can be included in the pamphlet but it should be balanced and based on research and facts.
The pamphlet should provide descriptions and detailed information regarding ALL the options available to parents of deaf children (communication options, assistive listening devices, and educational approaches) but needs to be concise as well. Where to find additional information and/or resources should be included. Remember to not overwhelm the parents with too much information or information that is too dense.
Easy to read and understand
Jargon and technical terms should be avoided. Information should be presented in a clear way that a layperson can understand. Remember that new parents are overwhelmed with so much information on every subject as well as getting acclimated to having a new baby.
Eye-catching and interesting
As with anything, the more interesting and colorful it is, the more likely that the person will read it. Pictures, graphs, logos, etc can be used on the pamphlet. Have fun with it but remember the selected artifacts should have some kind of relevance to the subject (not just a randefrom picture of an ear).