Design a functioning EMS System

Your final paper will be to design a functioning EMS system including personnel issues, dispatch issues, housing issues, equipment, funding etc. As we have moved through the course, you should have learned more about EMS administration and management, the system, operational issues, problems and solutions. You will want to address these specifically in your paper. Be sure to include a budget and an organizational chart, equipment list, personnel lists by job title and descriptions, training requirements, and any other information/materials you deem to be important in the design. Use subheading to help divide your paper into categories. Please, include a title page, body, conclusion, page numbers and a reference page. You may use information from your current EMS system and make it better or develop your system from scratch. The paper must be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, typed, contain correct spelling, and proper grammar. You may include pictures, charts and graphs but it MUST contain APA format (Linefrks to an external site.).