Mental Health in Human Resources

HUMAN RESOURCES Write a short report (5-6 pages, Arial, font 12, double-spaced, one-inch margins, and APA format) of your findings. Your reference page is not included in the 5-6 pages. You will be assessed on the following five (5) factors: quality of research question/issue, problem identification, proposed solution, and discussion. YOU MUST find several articles related to the topic, and write a report assimilating these readings. Remember to focus on writing from a HUMAN RESOURCES perspective. Your report must be organized as follows: Introduction (.5 page maximum) – Identify the topic and discuss its relevance to public personnel administration Problem & Questions (3 pages) – List out the topic that you identified as important in more detail; then list out a summary of how you identified specific readings and what questions you were seeking to answer. Discussion and Solution (1 page) – Summarize your findings to include potential solutions for the problem that you identified. Conclusion (.5 page) – What did you learn? What surprised you? What potential solution seems the most feasible for the problem that you outlined? Reflect on your own professional development in this area (.5 page) – what are 2-3 ways that you will continefrue to develop your ‘HR Toolkit’?