Methods II Preview-Abstract Assignment Part II

Assignment Instructions and Information: First, read the Methods II Preview Assignment Instructions Fall 2021-1.docx Second, don’t forget to fill out the Methods II Preview- Abstract Assignment: Part I . Do this BEFORE you write your abstract Third, write your abstract (Part II) and upload it here. Use this rubric as you write your paper. Paper to Write About: Selfie and Narcissism.pdf Example Paper: This is an example of a good paper. You can use this to guide your own paper, and to give you an idea of how your paper should look. Your paper should look just like this one: Methods II Preview Assignment Example Part II Fall 2021.docx

part 2 questions
1-What are the hypotheses for study 1?
2-What is the independent variable(s) for study one? Type of Photo
Frequency of Instagram
Posts Emma’s Instagram Page
3-How many levels there are for the IV
4-What is one of the dependent variable(s) for study one (check all that apply).
Type of Photo
How often they think Emma posts on social media Ratings of Emma’s narcissism
The color of the ink the participants received
Ratings of agreement with Abigail’s behavior
The groupie photo
The selfies
How attractive they think Emma is
The professional photos
5-What were the findings from study 1?
6-What are the hypotheses for study two?
There are several here. Make sure to correctly list them all!
7-What are the independent variable(s) for study two? (Check all that apply)
Consensus priming
Type of photo
Gender Ratings of the poster’s narcissism
Ratings of how frequently they think the person posts on social media
Avery’s social media page
The participants Ratings of whether they agreed with the participant’s behavior
8-How many levels does each IV have?
4; 2
2; 2
2; 3
5; 2
9-Which of the following are dependent variables for study 2 (check all that apply): Group of answer choices Whether participants thought the color of the ink impacted their performance Agreement with statements on Abigail’s behavior The gender of the poster Ratings of the person’s narcissism Ratings of how frequently they think the person posts on social media Type of photo The professional photo The selfie The results of the study
10-Whefrat are the findings for study 2?