Will Humanity Lose Jobs in the Future Due To AI slides

Will Humanity Lose Jobs in the Future Due To AI

Every slide need details (not as much as thesis but more details to give the committee clarification of all), especially literature review, methodology, findings, etc. The writer should be including more details relating to primary research conducted. In addition, it should not look like common overview of Artificial Intelligence. The pros and cons should be highlighted in detail with real life examples how Artificial Intelligence helped human life or how it can have a negative impact on the human life. Please se infographic and graphic charts for details if necessary (from the thesis paper but make the graphs fit in, small enough to show every information). For example, use small bar graph with text in findings section. (don’t require all the graphs but choose 3~4 important information and make them compact as possible. Sinefrce we are limited to 17 slides)